Social committment

bsw yachteinrichter supports the following institutions:

Red Cross logo – social commitment by bsw yachteinrichter

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz – Ortsverein Altenberge e.V.

The German Red Cross Community in Altenberge covers a wide range of activities. They offer assistance for blood drives, provide help on site and participate in disaster control. With their work they provide invaluable service in our region. We support this Red Cross community in all their activities with our annual contribution.

TOGETHER logo - social commitment by bsw yachteinrichter

TOGETHER – Hilfe für Uganda e.V.

This association has been supporting initiatives and projects in Uganda for more than 20 years. They successfully built a school center in Kooki and now the team is currently working on expanding the hospital building that was finished in 2016. A new inpatient ward will be attached so that more inpatients can be treated. With our financial contribution we help fund building this ward.

Viva con Agua logo - social commitment by bsw yachteinrichter

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

“Water for all – all for water!” – following this guideline, Viva con Agua funds access to clean drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation all over the world. The aim is to grant this access for people all over the world within our generation. With our support membership we make a financial contribution to achieve this.

Médecins sans Frontières logo - social commitment by bsw yachteinrichter

Medecins sans frontieres – Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.

Since 1971, Doctors without Borders has provided medical aid to people all over the world, irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political convictions, and to speak out in public about their situations. As a partner we help fund the work of this organization in 70 countries with our financial contribution.