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It is not a challenge, but our goal

– to create your perfect yacht interior.

Stateroom featuring premium materials and supreme quality – extensive project management by bsw yachteinrichter delivers the perfect yacht interior.

Full Service – For All Our Customers

  • Planning and projecting your yacht interior
  • Developing working processes – tailored individually and precisely to fit to your project
  • Selecting and sourcing all materials used
  • Smooth, flexible, and efficient manufacturing due to long-term collaboration with strong partners in manufacturing
  • Continuous project support from the initial idea until installation and handover to you
Bridge on board a luxury yacht – the perfect yacht interior by bsw yachteinrichter delivers luxury and functionality.

bsw yachteinrichter provides an extraordinary team of specialists to successfully implement your yacht project with expertise, precision, passion, and cool-headedness.

Luxury bathroom, featuring washbasin and shower using supreme-quality materials, installed by bsw yachteinrichter for the perfect yacht interior.

With your trust in our bsw experts, we turn the vision of your yacht into a true masterpiece.

Motor yacht bridge: luxury and functionality in the perfect yacht interior by bsw yachteinrichter.

To reach this goal, our specialists and installers at bsw yachteinrichter offer you the best possible service all over the world.

High-end finishes on board a yacht – management and installation by bsw yachteinrichter

Overall precision and individual solutions in every detail.

Seamless, professional teamwork involving the respective high-end specialists unleashes the potential it takes for us to bring this project to a breathtaking result.

Stateroom and office area made of high-quality materials on board a luxury yacht.

Confidentiality towards third parties – trust and privacy are key for dealing with our customers.

Panorama yacht ceiling during the construction of a luxury yacht designed by bsw yachteinrichter

The close collaboration of the design team, manufacturing, and quality assurance, the customer and the shipyard is crucial for us throughout every phase of the project.

View of a first-class bsw yachteinrichter living room and office area installation on board a sailing yacht

Highest quality with expertise and experience from more than 30 projects.

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