Wellness – Sauna – Pool

In this area, our customer is going to spend his most precious time, and we feel honored to make this time even more precious with the right ambiance and our know-how.

Woman in pool on board luxury yacht: bsw yachteinrichter creates tailor-made spa facilities for yachts

It is a continuous challenge for us to find ever new innovative solutions to create a unique spa experience for our customers, and bringing out the best in our company.

Bright, high-end wellness facilities on board luxury yacht: premium-handcrafted by bsw yachteinrichter

Within the individual spa elements, the complex technology is completely integrated and invisible for the customer.

Luxury marble bathtub – bsw yachteinrichter creates tailor-made spa facilities for yachts

With the right combination of experts within our team we are able to deliver high-end interior on every level with excellent teamwork.

Luxury spa with pool for your yacht: bsw yachteinrichter provides bespoke oases of wellness for yachts

See only what you want to see, feel only what you want to feel. Integration of form, function and surface in its purest form. This is the only way your spa area will have the most positive effect on body and soul.

Bright sauna area on board a yacht – bsw yachteinrichter creates luxury spa facilities

Design, detail, color and shape. Tailored to fit in the best sense for your spa experience.

Luxury marble washbasin: bsw yachteinrichter creates bespoke, high-end spas for yachts

Privacy and intimacy in your spa area. Only when you feel really good, will the spa experience have the desired effect.

Towel dryers made of premium materials – bsw yachteinrichter creates tailor-made spa facilitie

It takes detailed engineering to intermesh ergonomics, material, technical equipment, durability and sustainability and to align them to your requirements in the best possible way.

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