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Touch-up on board a luxury yacht – premium-handcrafted by bsw yachteinrichter

Small scratches, traces of use, wine or other stains on the carpet, a crack in the marble or a make-over of the floor. Our touch-up specialist and their team are flexible and experienced and will find a solution for any challenge.

Premium yacht living space perfectly cared for by the bsw yachteinrichter touch-up specialists

We provide your crew with care products and tips or show them onboard how to take care of, or touch up, the respective area in the best possible way.

Touch-up specialist from bsw yachteinrichter looking after supreme-quality materials on board a luxury yacht

Even a luxury yacht goes to sea! Traces of usage are perfectly normal. But times have changed. Everything must always look shining and new. Our touch-up team always finds the best solutions for every case.

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